Below is a list of the delectable items that I bake.  If you intend to shop at my table at the Marin Country Mart on a Saturday (9:00 am - 2:00 pm), please call or e-mail me ahead of time to ensure that your desired items will be available on that particular day.

Prices vary according to season and the fluctuating cost of ingredients.  Discounts are given for bulk orders.  Please call or e-mail me for current prices. 

I will be happy to fill special orders and do my best to arrange delivery.  Please contact me with your request!

Thanks so much!
Johanna Stefanski
Head Baker (and my hubby-bubby’s sweetheart wife)

I am happy to bake for you:
Lemon cupcakes*
Chocolate cupcakes*
Chocolate chip cookies
Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
Chewy ginger cookies
Chocolate brownies
Scones, seasonal fruit
Scones, cinnamon-raisin*
Aquafaba meringues (gluten-free)
Seed & nut bars ( gluten-free; sunflower, pumpkin, hemp and flax seeds; almonds, cashews, dates and maple syrup
Croissants (plain)
Seasonal fruit tarts
Pumpkin pie
Seasonal fruit pies
Birthday cakes 
Date-zucchini loaf
German Apple cake
Frittata (spinach, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, and black olive)

* First Place Blue Ribbon winners at the Marin County Fair (in the general competition - the judges were unaware that these items were vegan!).  Most of my other tasty treats have yet to be entered in the competition.