Our Story

Delectable Desserts with a Special Surprise

Welcome to My Sweetheart Wife's Vegan Kitchen, where we bake delectable desserts with a special surprise.  With each new bite, the delectability of our creations speaks for itself.  And what's the special surprise?  Well, it will touch your heart - are you ready?  No animals were harmed in the creation of our tasty treats.

Entirely plant based - that means dairy free and no eggs - and incorporating vegan sugar and other organic and local ingredients, our desserts are aimed to provide divine pleasure to your palate while promoting the health and well-being of our species and of all animal life.  We wish you joy and happiness in savoring our sweets, and here's to the flourishing future of our planet and animalkind! 

With love,

Johanna Stefanski

Owner, Head Baker and

My Hubby Bubby's Sweetheart Wife